Some celebrities opted for an insurance job before they were famous. Find out the biggest personalities that spent time in the industry in this articl

Insurance is a vast industry that offers a myriad of opportunities for those wanting a gainful and meaningful career. That’s why it isn’t surprising that many celebrities got their humble beginnings within the sector.

In this article, Insurance Business reveals some of the biggest celebrities who took insurance jobs before they were famous. Some embraced their careers and stayed. Others treated their jobs as a stepping stone to bigger opportunities. Find out the story behind these prominent figures’ stints in the industry in our version of “celebrity jobs before they were famous” – the insurance sector edition. 

1. Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett is well known as the brains behind multi-awarded reality TV shows “Survivor”, “The Apprentice”, “The Voice”, and “Shark Tank”. Before becoming a television mogul, London-born Burnett, who had just immigrated to the US, worked as a nanny in an affluent California neighborhood. This led to a sales job in the insurance firm owned by the father of one of the children he was caring for. 

Two years later, he took a weekend gig selling t-shirts along Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Realizing that he earned more selling shirts than he would selling policies, he left his insurance job. This marked the end of his career in the industry. 

2. Tom Clancy

Unlike many celebrities on the list who dabbled in insurance jobs before they were famous, renowned nov

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