Businesses aren’t always required to buy workers’ compensation insurance for contractors but there are benefits for doing so. Learn more in this guide

While not legally considered as your employees, workers’ compensation laws in some states treat contractors, subcontractors, and other hired personnel as your own staff. This means that your business can be held liable if these workers become sick or injured while working for you.

To avoid liability, industry experts recommend that businesses require contractors to carry workers’ compensation coverage before agreeing to work with them.

But how does workers’ compensation insurance for contractors work exactly?

Insurance Business answers this question and more in this article. We also talked to an expert from the Insurance Information Institute (III) to explain the benefits of taking out this type of coverage. If you’re working with an independent contractor and want to know if this is the kind of protection your business needs, then this guide can help. Read on and learn more about workers’ compensation insurance for contractors.

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