In December 2022, before much was known about how McClenny Moseley & Associates in Houston was able to set up shop in New Orleans and sign-up thousands of Louisiana clients in less than a year, US District Court Judge James D. Cain shared some strong words with the law firm’s managing attorney in Louisiana.

“What I’m trying to get you to understand is you have dumped a mess on this court,” Cain told R. William Huye, who had opened up MMA’s New Orleans office in 2021.

Cain and other Louisiana judges are still trying to clean up that mess.

The 3,267 hurricane-damage lawsuits that MMA filed in Louisiana federal courts forced another wave of litigation, one that spawned lawsuits in both Louisiana and Texas that involve litigation finance investors, mortgage companies, damage estimators and property owners.

Investors who reportedly loaned the law firm $30 million sued to get their money back. MMA sued 20 mortgage companies that refuse to endorse $20 million in insurer settlement checks. Law firms that took over MMA’s cases filed lawsuits to keep MMA from interfering with their work. Property owners sued because MMA’s lawyers told insurers that it represented them and filed lawsuits on

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