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Assisted living is a good option for active seniors with minimal health issues. But is Medicare coverage for assisted living available? Read on to find out

Assisted living facilities can be an attractive option for seniors who don’t need round-the-clock care and want to maintain some sense of freedom and independence as they age.

Assisted living costs, however, don’t come cheap. That’s why some aging adults and their families are quite disappointed once they find out that Medicare coverage for assisted living does little to ease the costs. 

In this article, Insurance Business answers the question, “does Medicare cover assisted living expenses?” We will also give you a rundown of the different costs associated with assisted living and what your alternatives are when it comes to paying for these expenses.

Whether you’re planning for your own care or helping an older loved one, this guide can prove useful. Read on and get a deeper understanding of Medicare coverage and assisted living costs.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a term given to residential communities catering mostly to healthy and active seniors who need minimal support for daily living activities.

Assisted living facilities have various amenities, including common areas for dining and social gatherings, movie rooms, and libraries. Some come with luxurious features such as restaurants, spas, fitness centers, and nature trails.

Residents of assisted living communities don’t need the level of care provided in nursing homes. Jus

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