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Ahead of the curve

The 2023 Insurance Business America Rising Stars are top young insurance professionals from across the United States. After considering candidates’ roles, achievements, and goals, IBA’s industry-leading panel awarded the Rising Star status to more than 70 achievers. 

Industry expert Michael Falvey, president and CEO of Falvey Insurance Group, offers his view of what makes a Rising Star. 

“The way we do business is evolving, so those who drive innovation, without compromising the human touch of insurance interaction, will go far.” 

And he highlights that an advantage is their “comfortability and curiosity in challenging the status quo.” IBA’s Rising Stars are shaping the future of the industry with their initiative and dedication.

“I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon what our team likes to refer to as ‘the hidden gem of the business world’”
Maddie BejaRisk Placement Services

Maddie Beja – determined to succeed  
29 years old

“So much of this industry is going out there and working as hard as you can, making sure you’re giving 110% of everything you do because that’s a reflection on you,” says Beja of Risk Placement Services (RPS). 

While at Indiana University, she spent two summers participating in an RPS internship program and started in an associate broker role after graduating. Although hesitant at first, she seized an opportunity in their underwriting team and proved herself through hard work and perseverance. 

Now assistant area vice president, Beja has distinguished herself by:

  • helping grow the book of business from $2.2 million in revenue in 2016 to a projected $7+ million by the end of 2023

  • being promoted to first-time manager in 2023

  • attending the RPS President’s Club since 2021

Beja has benefited from maintaining a proactive mindset.

“Being present helps with developing relationships in the office and providing hands-on exposure and training,” she explains. “And in addition, it’s important to continue to promote the industry to attract and develop.” 

And she is also keen to bring other talented people into the industry from all backgrounds, which Beja can relate to due to not having any family links to the industry. 

“The more attention we can bring to the opportunities and really limitless potential that the career can offer will continue to attract and make sure the next wave of young professionals is as engaged and excited as we are,” she adds.

“Why have I been successful? The big ones for me are just hard work and determination”
Tyler JohnsonAlliant Insurance Services

Tyler Johnson – seizing opportunities 
31 years old 

Another proponent of perseverance is Johnson, assistant vice president and staff manager of the healthcare division at Alliant Insurance Services. He entered the industry through an internship and is a graduate of the Alliant leadership program. 

“Alliant made an investment in me,” he says. “I knew I had to outwork everyone. I knew I ha

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