Insurance Journal East readers showed keen interest in news about insurance agents’ responsibilities in 2023 including court cases involving an agent’s homeowner client with an unlisted dog; Harvard University’s agency and the school’s admissions fight; and Allstate’s trade secret battle with two former Massachusetts agents.

Another top story pitted an insurance agency’s commercial general liability insurer against its errors and omissions insurer in New Jersey. Readers also zeroed-in on workers’ compensation and employers’ liability; a multimillion dollar award to an employee who had a social anxiety disorder; a look back at the insurance issues around the Boston Marathon bombing 10 years ago; and one of New York’s largest insurance fraud prosecutions. The shuttering of mandatory photo inspections in New York caught substantial views, while pets fetched enough interest to grab the first and last positions in this year’s list.

Here are the top 10 Insurance Journal East articles of 2023.

Top East Insurance Journal Stories of 2023

1. Agent’s Failure to Disclose Dog Comes Back to Bite Homeowner

A Connecticut homeowner sued by a woman who alleges his dog bit her in the face is not entitled to insurance coverage because the homeo

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