Auto insurers again in 2023 had a lot of trouble battling several headwinds preventing them from turning a profit. The topic was one of many in which readers of Insurance Journal kept a close eye.

Other than the trials of tribulations – which are more than likely to last throughout 2024 – within the auto insurance business, insurers also took steps to adjust their property books of business. Readers also regularly clicked on stories related to the workplace. In 2023, layoffs were a hot topic, as was the fact company executives changed the rules about employees’ presence in the office.

Artificial intelligence, significant Supreme Court rulings, cyberattacks and new regulations, an incident at an industry conference, and a CMO stealing million of dollars from his employer all earned your attention in 2023.

The Top National Insurance Journal Stories for 2023

  1. Higher Auto Claims, More Frequent Accidents Continue to Outpace Premium Hikes

The headline is just one of the latest, but the struggle within the auto insurance industry was of prominence throughout the year. Historically stable, the personal auto line has continued to fall victim to inflation-driven elevated claim severity from accidents, litigation and weather. T

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