An insurance agency license is essential if you want to start your own insurance sales business. But what types of licenses do you need? Find out in this guide

If you’re planning to start your own insurance business, one of the first and most important steps you must take is obtaining the proper licenses. Securing the right insurance agency license can be a challenging task, especially in a tightly regulated sector.

To help you sort things out, Insurance Business will give you a walkthrough of the different licenses you may need to legally operate your insurance agency. We will also explain what an insurance agency is and how it differs from other types of insurance businesses.  

If you’re keen on opening your own insurance firm and currently combing through the various licensing requirements, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on and find out the different licenses you may need for your insurance agency.

What types of insurance agency licenses do you need?

Almost all businesses and professionals operating in the insurance sector need to be licensed before they can legally provide a product or service. The licensing requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction and the lines of authority a business chooses to specialize in. 

Here’s a list of the mos

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