Paul Lucas [00:00:07] Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of Insurance Business TV brought to you in association with Amwins. With more than 580 dedicated casualty professionals across the country. You could say that collaboration is an Amwins DNA. But when the specialty insurance distributor uses the term Amwins DNA, is it just a catchy slogan? Or is the real meaning behind it? On this edition, we welcome Chris Gill, Executive Vice President of Amwins to discover more about the philosophy the capabilities it provides, and its links to Amwin’s program and product developments. Chris, welcome to Insurance Business TV. 

Chris Gill [00:00:47] Thank you very much, Paul. It’s great to see you. 

Paul Lucas [00:00:49] So Chris, let’s start from the top then what exactly is Amwins DNA? And how does it benefit your clients and partners. 

Chris Gill [00:00:59] Amwins DNA is is really the way that we’re branding our overall data and analytics strategy. And it describes a number of capabilities and services that we’re offering, you know, it’s not a product per se. It’s really about a capability and services. And it’s all designed with the intent of providing unmatched analytics to our internal placement teams, as well as our retail clients and our market partners. And what we mean by that is for our retail clients that ranges from data driven analytic capabilities that we can offer to better partner with them at the time of a placement. And that could be benchmarking capabilities focused on average and median limit rate deductable premium, and all around a specific attribute of the client that we’re working with our

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