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When is the best time to buy coverage for your care needs? We break down long-term care insurance cost by age to give you an idea

One of the biggest drawbacks of long-term care insurance is it doesn’t come cheap. But depending on your age, you may be able to access lower premiums.

In this part of our client education series, Insurance Business gives you a breakdown of long-term care insurance cost by age. We also talked to industry experts who will explain when the best time is to purchase coverage.

If you’re planning for your own care or helping an older loved one, this guide can provide an overview of how much coverage costs.

If you’re an insurance professional, share this piece with your clients to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Read on and find the answers to the most pressing questions about long-term care insurance costs.

Breakdown of long-term care insurance cost by age

Your age is one of the biggest factors that influence how much premiums cost for a long-term care insurance policy. Generally, you can access lower rates if you purchase a policy in your working years, although you may have to pay for the plan longer.

Industry non-profit American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) has released its latest price index. This details how much pol

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