Find out how long it takes to obtain an insurance license if you’re planning to become an agent, broker, or claims adjuster in this guide

If you want to pursue a career as an insurance professional, there are several requirements that you must meet. Among these is obtaining the right licenses.

But how long does it take to get an insurance license? The answer depends on your chosen role and where you intend to practice.

Each state has varying licensure requirements, which can make the process a bit complicated. To shed light on the matter, Insurance Business will give you a walkthrough of the criteria for three of the most popular insurance jobs that require licensing. Find out what it takes to get an insurance license if you want to become an agent, broker, or claims adjuster.

You will be spending the bulk of this time completing your pre-licensing course, which requires attending 20 to 40 hours of classes, and studying for the licensure exam. The test is proctored and usually lasts between two and three hours.

Once you pass the exam, you can expect to wait a few days before your insurance license gets released. This is given that you passed the background check. If you need to take the licensure exam more than o

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